Our Story


Chayen "ชาเย็น" (chäːyān) known as Thai Iced Tea,
is a famous drink made from strongly-brewed black tea using a mixture
of orange blossom water with chrushed tamarind seed.
Whole milk is poured over the tea and ice before serving.


About the Restaurant

Cha Yen Thai Cookery is Manita Bunnagitkam's first foray into restauranteering after over a decade of cultivating her culinary technique in various restaurants in the Greater Boston Area. Accessibly located in downtown Watertown, Cha Yen is an authentic Thai eatery serving traditional as well as specialty dishes of the highest quality at distinctly affordable prices. So whether you are a long time lover of Thai cuisine or just interested in trying something different, stop by Cha Yen!

About the Chef

Manita Bunnagitkarn is the owner and chef of Cha Yen Thai cookery. She came to the United States at age 15 and has started working in a few Thai restaurants ever since. A diligent chef, she was working with the Marriott group while studying Culinary Arts in Johnson & Wales University. She also had the opportunity to learn under Chef Todd English at Bonfire, Boston, a fine dining restaurant.

Later on, Manita got a chance to work at Finale Patisserie @ Boston Park Plaza Hotel for several years. She worked with Chef Nicole Coady during that time and managed the kitchen. Being the persistent learner she is, Manita went on to work with Experienced Corporate Food Service – Sodexo and was a chef for the Embassy Suites Hotel in Marlborough, MA.

Knowing that her life's passion still lies in Thai food, she eventually decided to open her Thai restaurant, therein the birth of Cha Yen! She is determined to use only fresh ingredients, her cooking style also closely reflect authentic Thai food.

Besides the passion for Thai food, Manita has always enjoyed experimenting ice cream making. She's been trying out different recipes at home for years. As she brought Cha Yen to Watertown, she also decided that the restaurant would sell the unique ice cream flavors that she had come up with throughout the years. Check out the flavors here.

Cha Yen is open everyday! Come and experience the delicacies served here!